Two dogs found mutilated in Stephenville - WFAA

posted on 06 Aug 2015 20:47 by quaintevent3665
On July 9, Stephenville authorities got a telephone call after a canine was located beheaded on the railroad tracks between W. CDT August 5, 2015

Cops are investigating two animal cruelty instances in Stephenville in which canines were discovered severed in the last month.(Picture: WFAA).

If you have any type of info about the animals, get in touch with Stephenville PD at 254-918-1273 or Criminal offense Stoppers at 254-965-CASH.

Then, on Aug. 5, police got a phone call about a dog that had a front and back leg severed that was likewise discovered on the railway tracks during that location. Tarleton.

STEPHENVILLE - Authorities are examining two animal cruelty situations in Stephenville in which canines were found dismembered in the last month.


4:27 p.m. Washington as well as W. That dog had to be euthanized as a result of its injuries.

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